Back to it…

I’ve now done two full days of writing (as in retreats) and some bits in between, but it’s March already and I need to keep up the momentum. I’ve been spending time fleshing out characters, but mainly working on designy stuff for work and to accompany story stuff. One of the big-uns is actually making Sisters Noire more of a brand, so I’ve been using my snazzy new graphics tablet in an attempt to do just that. I am still fighting daily procrastination though. To get on with the novel and to combat my fear of the blank page. That and not being afraid to write shite so at least there’s something to then re-write. I’m looking to dedicate at least a few hours a week to this (probably on a Sunday morning). Hopefully this will mean all the groundwork for the series and characters will go towards finishing this badboy once and for all!

2020 – the far future!

Last year lots happened. One of the biggest events was saying goodbye to a house we loved and an area and neighbours we did not (actually we didn’t say goodbye – fuck them!). We have really nice neighbours now and a great new house in a great new town, which is a really corrective experience for us. Moving itself was horrible, and the logistics of moving our lovely hens (now sadly down from 4 to 2) was stressful and difficult.

I wrote some stuff down in a post called “Positivity”, which in and of itself was a fairly positive step for me.

This year I plan to be more sustainable and fight the good fight for climate change, which has really been getting me down. I also plan to write more; I’ve already started by getting all of my notes in order and moving has enabled me to join a group and regularly visit a dedicated writing space (more on this later).

The job’s still going well, we saw some great gigs last year and visited some nice (albeit more local) places. I also got to animate and draw more, and lead a more structured existance. Though there’s still work to be done.

I’m still a narky bastard, but with the world in the state it’s in it can be hard not to be. The very future of the planet is at stake, so staying positive can be a chore and at times delusional.

I’m hoping as we get more settled in our new home we’ll make some longer, more nourishing relationships, and this time round, I’ll get some people reading my stuff. Output and writing exposure is now key. I managed to post a blog most months last year which felt really positive too.

As I said this time last year – if anyone’s reading this and cares and/or is a writer, give me a shout on the usual channels. Looking for writing buddies. Let’s talk. Updates soon. Promise.

Oh, and Happy New Year. Let’s make this one really count, for everyone’s sake!

Writing update

Still alive. Still writing. I’m crawling ever forwards, typing up slightly mad notes on well-spilled on paper daubed on probably over a year ago. I have a really bad habit of writing notes EVERYWHERE, which is why I started blogging about things like Aeon timeline and Scrivener: basically I’m trying to teach myself good habits and share the wealth too. Improved wordcounts to come!

The overcomplicated story

There’s a reason I’ve lost faith on what I’ve written in the past: I set out to achieve something and either I worry it’s too basic and it needs more stuff – more twists, more bad guys, more dynamics, etc etc or that characters need to be more real. Sometimes I get hung up on the old mantra of a single idea not begin a story (which is true) and so try to cram a load more in and overbake everything.

Being ruthless is a great thing so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone who isn’t already fictional, and if it doesnt work, you can put what you cut out back in or revert to an earlier draft (version control as the tech world calls it).

I felt like too much was happening in my story – especially given that I wanted to create a series, and although I wanted to throw the kitchen sink at establiahing my world and ideas; nothing felt flesh out enough and it began to feel like both myself and my characters were making zero decisions.

Some things, I realised, could be cut out entirely or explored in later entries. Suddenly, after a few more of these cuts I felt like the novel could breathe and had refreshed purpose. I could more easily define whaf it was about. In short, I felt at ease, and knew then that I was onto something.