Sunny days

A beautiful sunny day, before its time. I’m trying to look forward but a large portion of me is still mired in the crap of a hundred other days like this one. Days where you enjoy the sunlight but detest the laughing smiley faces of passers-by, locked in embraces or hand-holding or simple conversation as though it were the most normal, easy thing in the world. Then there’s that bastard parked up playing super-loud Victronica on his car stereo. the sod. In fact I think I’ll close the window. Put some Arcade Fire on.

Celeb Culture – *sigh*

Bev’s asked me out with her friends tonight. It all seems like a bit of an effort. I’m not really up on my (modern) celeb culture, nor do I follow the charts or the onslaught they call Victronica. Whatever happened to the Amelia Railey peer group? It’d be nice to at least find out where they went. Perhaps a call to Selena is in order. Or perhaps not.

Hell, I’m not that antiquated, this is a bloody good, (fairly) recent song!

So there!