Salmon Gainsborough Forge: Dieselpunk Sh*tkicker, #1

Finally, the first page of Salmon Gainsborough Forge: Dieselpunk Sh*tkicker. The look will most probably change, but here’s a muddled beginning. The worst is yet to come.

page 1

Salmon Forge (the very technical headachey part):-

1. Story mover.
2. Current affairs/reflective/Salmon in the future (after time-travel) / “Nazi-basher” / historical figures.
3. Caption with frames – takes on Practical Wisdom of real late, great 17th Century Jesuit Monk Baltasar Graci├ín (

I expect number 3 will be the most common type of strip as it will be quicker to produce. I’m also anticipating two strips a week, one on Wednesday. one on Tuesday.

RTB – Salmon Gainsborough Forge has what we call int he trade an RTB or “Real Time Beard”. This means that if he doesn’t shave in or between a story-moving strip his stubble will have advanced in the next comic. This is a cutting edge plot device and I am a genius!

Salmon Gainsborough Forge: Dieselpunk Sh*tkicker

I’ll be posting quite a few little comic strips over the coming weeks, and probably some introductory pieces for characters in my stories.
First of all, just for fun, I’m creating a little strip called “Salmon Gainsborough Forge: Dieselpunk Sh*tkicker”.

Salmon Gainsborough Forge: Dieselpunk Sh*tkicker

“…With crazed Nazis, sky-pirates, robots, atomic bombs, skyscrapers, industrialists, post-modernism and pin-ups. You’ll be dieseled pink!”