On Writing part nine: Let your mind wander

As a writer, to daydream is crucial. Take a notebook and paper wherever you go and always keep it close to hand. Notebooks will become your best friends, especially if you have that lightning bolt idea, or you had no friends to begin with.


Wallace Collection – Daydream

On writing: don’t beat yourself up

If you don’t quite make the target, if you fall ill and fall behind, if for any reason life gets in the way, don’t beat yourself up. Have a glass of wine, sigh and carry on, vow to do better next time and hit your targets from then on, wherever possible. You’ll soon forget unavoidable “blips” in the productive process and won’t feel bad about them.


On Writing: Be a people-watcher

Don’t look like you’re looking, don’t look like you’re listening, but people-watch and eavesdrop wherever you go. Listen to how people speak, what they say and what sets their speech apart from others. See that girl on the bench with scuffed Converse, blue hair and a hand-me-down handbag? What’s her story? Make one up! She could be your next iconic character. Or possibly a boring stereotype. Make your writing count!