Story idea #2 – A Dame a Dozen

Foot-loose and fancy-free swinger Mr. Bloomer makes a startling discovery – every twelve times he makes love he is transformed into the trans-dimensional demon Ul-Ka-Ra-Ga and proceeds to ravage the unsuspecting dame to death. After the third murder he’s running out of excuses and so pledges celibacy. Soon he falls in love with the beautiful but insatiable Miss Bon, a woman he makes love to eleven times in one night. It is then he is faced with the worst decision of his life…

Nice to meet you.

As you’ve probably gathered I’m Laurence Cade. Nice to meet you. I was asked to make a couple of posts before I dived into/at/around the job at hand, and that is providing information on a bit of literature, writing ideas and a sprinkling of lyrics and film reviews. Also a slice of my life will find its way into this blog. Lucky you!

Mainly, however, I plan to ramble.

Welcome to Sisters Noir

All righty then, here we are. When I said “trials and tribulations,” in my last post I’d left it all suitably vague. Slowly though, this place is shaping up. So, what exactly is this place?

Sisters Noir is a space on the net to represent my stories and hopefully a growing community. The world of Sisters Noir blends modern (us, now!), with old (Victorian/steampunk) and snippets from several genres including modern fantasy and noir (film noir, hard-boiled coppers and voluptuous Femme Fatales).

Be sure to check out the guest contributors – Amelia and Laurence writing about their lives – soon I’m told they’ll reveal more of their interests I think you’ll find interesting too. They’re very into “the cause” (see above paragraph) too. Also be sure to check out the Last FM, Facebook and Twitter profiles on their pages. Add, follow and like away!

Expect the Scribbles section to appear very soon, all of the images are scanned and ready, they just need yours truly to create an adequate gallery template to house them. Bah. Anyway, enjoy your Easter and check back soon!

There she goes, my beautiful world

Had to take the bus today. I hadn’t realised up until now but Miranda takes it too. She even said hi but I was thinking about what it would be like to be eaten by a whale shark at the time so I had on my face a rotten grimace. Doesn’t matter, she dislikes my kind anyway, if I have a kind. Incidentally I’ve no idea what a whale shark is like or if they can or do actually eat people but they sound both big and scary. Research required.

Have been reading a spot of Camus and his ponderous “The Outsider”. Dreamy, pleasant and unsettling. I’ve been reading bite-sized chunks in the lavatory. This resonated –

She mumbled that I was peculiar, that that was probably why she loved me but that one day I might disgust her for the very same reason – Albert Camus, the Outsider

Amen to that.