The Shelter map

Here’s a Metroidvania-esque map I’ve been playing about with. It depicts The Shelter, which wil be a key story location in my book. It was made in After Effects.

Jack Knife and The Book of Mass Destruction, a little test read

The book you’ll see blurbs for scattered around here and on my Facebook called Romanse Macabre is sort of in limbo-land right now while I get it fixed up.



So… Jack Knife and The Book of Mass Destruction


My new book, another in the Sisters Noire series, is currently entitled “Jack Knife and The Book of Mass Destruction”. It centres around a fraudster called Selena, who is rescued from a life of drugs and crime by the enigmatic anarchist Onkel in Neo-Victorian London’s underbelly. As payment she is given a list of politicians from whom she must covertly collect intel, but every time she gets close one is murdered and she is implicated. Instead of running, Selena decides to take the killer – a deranged figure dressed as a Plague Doktor, head on. In a race against time, Selena joins¬† forces with mysterious amnesiac Jack Knife. They set about discovering Jack’s past and solving the murders, which seem to revolve around a book that could spell the fall of mankind.





In which I jabber on about a story I haven’t written yet and do a shoddy read-through of the opening.¬† All without smiling. Contains swearing and sex and stuff.





I could obviously do with working on my diction and presentation, but here’s my first stab at reading something, which should give you an a little idea of the kinda stuff I write (admittedly this is one of the bleaker sections!). This is a first step so please be kind! Constructive criticism very welcome.