The beginning of the rest of your life…

Frome. Day 12. Already. We made it. We’re here. Still settling, of course, but early reviews are resoundingly positive (after ridding ourselves of the bad taste from getting screwed out of heaps of money from solicitors, removals men and basically anyone involved in what became a needlessly messy process). We’re home. It’s done!

Frome and the future

After a tumultous few months it looks like we almost have our dream house in a town that’s much more “us”. The architecture’s lush, it’s cultural, they book decent bands, there are plenty of pubs, a leisure centre, writing and other groups, an independent cinema, Vegan cafes and plenty of green party supporters. And that’s just part of it. Of course nothing is perfect (-that’d be boring, right?) but we can see ourselves living there and making it home. Also, Frome means “Sparkling River” and not something to do with cheese (works nicely for me).