Calling all writers!

Are you an aspiring writer of fiction looking to get your name “out thereā€ or a published fiction author in the UK?


I am a writer looking to interview published and not-yet published authors about their books, lives and ideas on my writing website. Any genre welcome.


By taking part in an interview – via email, video, or in person, we can both help spread the writing word and network at the same time.
I have been told more times than I can count that although writing can sometimes be a solitary thing, writers should not operate in a vacuum. You must get out there and
spread the word – so isn’t it time you put your name out there? You don’t have to give away your story, just talk about what you feel comfortable with.
In future interviews we can pick up on how you’re getting on with the writing process. If you have a book to sell – great! We can talk about that too.


What you’ll get:
Practice talking about your works
Exposure to the writing community for networking purposes
Exposure/good content for Google to find you
Links back to your own site/sites of interest within your article
A place to write about your book if published/or if in the works/book reviews


What I’ll get:
A good chance to talk and network with other authors
More good content on my site


Please email me if you are interested in taking part


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Welcome to Sisters Noir

All righty then, here we are. When I said “trials and tribulations,” in my last post I’d left it all suitably vague. Slowly though, this place is shaping up. So, what exactly is this place?

Sisters Noir is a space on the net to represent my stories and hopefully a growing community. The world of Sisters Noir blends modern (us, now!), with old (Victorian/steampunk) and snippets from several genres including modern fantasy and noir (film noir, hard-boiled coppers and voluptuous Femme Fatales).

Be sure to check out the guest contributors – Amelia and Laurence writing about their lives – soon I’m told they’ll reveal more of their interests I think you’ll find interesting too. They’re very into “the cause” (see above paragraph) too. Also be sure to check out the Last FM, Facebook and Twitter profiles on their pages. Add, follow and like away!

Expect the Scribbles section to appear very soon, all of the images are scanned and ready, they just need yours truly to create an adequate gallery template to house them. Bah. Anyway, enjoy your Easter and check back soon!