On Writing: The Peace in the Backseat

On the train, in the backseat, when you’re walking in the rain – always, always, always take a pen and paper when on the move or when you’re waiting for something. You never know when the next lightening strike of insipration will hit and you’ll be gutted when it flashes in and then out of your mind. What was that great idea you just had? You can’t bloody remember, can you?! Told you so.


I like the peace in the backseat…

Sunny days

A beautiful sunny day, before its time. I’m trying to look forward but a large portion of me is still mired in the crap of a hundred other days like this one. Days where you enjoy the sunlight but detest the laughing smiley faces of passers-by, locked in embraces or hand-holding or simple conversation as though it were the most normal, easy thing in the world. Then there’s that bastard parked up playing super-loud Victronica on his car stereo. the sod. In fact I think I’ll close the window. Put some Arcade Fire on.