Made Up Band Names #1

Yin Yang and the Tiddle Eyes
Bling Kidney and the Alpha Beetroot Gammons
Lauren and the Ipsums
Tron Bon Jovi in Binary-flat Major (no I don’t know either)
Trans-dimensional Trannies
Coma Delimited
Terry Tocororo and the Polymite Polymaths

Some (the more computer-orientated) were penned by James. Blame him. Now here’s some real music:

The Path of the Virus Twelve Monkeys Tour

If (and this is a big if) you had the chance to go on holiday (lucky you), where would you go? I was thinking on some alternate trip I could take, some roughly pre-determined route. Then I happened on a late night showing of Twelve Monkeys after a spot of reading and re-reading a short passage on Koala bears in a magazine I’d picked up. Had the vibrancy of the subject matter and the writing snagged me or was I simply in a very pro-Koala mood? You decide. If you like. Anyway, I was struck by the path of the virus in Twelve Monkeys, where it would hit, each place in turn. Is it possible to do this trip? Could I be the first on the Twelve Monkeys tour? Probably not. I’m probably not the first person to visit these places, but in this order? And to represent something so morbid and disgusting? (the virus was to wipe out seven billion people in 1997). So here we go, here’s the route with some ideas for where I can visit at each place and what I can do:

Philadelphia (U.S.A.) – See Tom Hanks?
San Francisco (U.S.A.) – The Golden Gate Bridge, trams, watch Bullitt, go to and rewatch The Rock
New Orleans (Deep South, U.S.A.) – Blues, Rock N Roll, whiskey
Rio De Janeiro (South America) – Christ the Redeemer(?)
Rome, Italy (Europe) – Coliseum, get run over, the Pope, Vatican, pizza for dinner
Kinshasa, Congo (Africa) – Rumble in the jungle, follow the footsteps of Mailer and Thompson
Karachi, Pakistan (Asia) – Must research
Bangkok (Asia) – Well Phuk-et, I’ve no idea, see above
Peaking (China, Asia) – See above

– and back in time for tea.

Sunny days

A beautiful sunny day, before its time. I’m trying to look forward but a large portion of me is still mired in the crap of a hundred other days like this one. Days where you enjoy the sunlight but detest the laughing smiley faces of passers-by, locked in embraces or hand-holding or simple conversation as though it were the most normal, easy thing in the world. Then there’s that bastard parked up playing super-loud Victronica on his car stereo. the sod. In fact I think I’ll close the window. Put some Arcade Fire on.

Story idea #2 – A Dame a Dozen

Foot-loose and fancy-free swinger Mr. Bloomer makes a startling discovery – every twelve times he makes love he is transformed into the trans-dimensional demon Ul-Ka-Ra-Ga and proceeds to ravage the unsuspecting dame to death. After the third murder he’s running out of excuses and so pledges celibacy. Soon he falls in love with the beautiful but insatiable Miss Bon, a woman he makes love to eleven times in one night. It is then he is faced with the worst decision of his life…