2021 – The far future!

Jesus. What a bloody rollercoaster, eh? Namely one that breaks down and people loose things – limbs, lives, dignity. And it’s not over yet. Just as nothing fucking changed – millenium bug, what? – when the year 2000 happened. Ahhh the year 2000. Simpler times. 2020 made 2016 – the year when Bowie, an actual Star man, died – look bleedin’ marvelous.


I’m knackered. Good knackered. I have a son now. I’m jobseeking in case the worst happens. But I’m more motivated than I ever have been because I have to be. Maybe all those (cue sad piano music) X-Factor “I’m doing it for my kids” auditions were authentic after all? Or maybe it’s the 8.2% Biscoff Porter I just downed talking, washed down with a Gamma Ray. Whatever the weather, happy belated New Year you utterly, utterly beautiful bastards. reap the whirlwind and that. Good luck and god speed.