Back to it…

I’ve now done two full days of writing (as in retreats) and some bits in between, but it’s March already and I need to keep up the momentum. I’ve been spending time fleshing out characters, but mainly working on designy stuff for work and to accompany story stuff. One of the big-uns is actually making Sisters Noire more of a brand, so I’ve been using my snazzy new graphics tablet in an attempt to do just that. I am still fighting daily procrastination though. To get on with the novel and to combat my fear of the blank page. That and not being afraid to write shite so at least there’s something to then re-write. I’m looking to dedicate at least a few hours a week to this (probably on a Sunday morning). Hopefully this will mean all the groundwork for the series and characters will go towards finishing this badboy once and for all!

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