Bat For Lashes “Lost Girls” – Natasha Khan

Today marks the release of Bat For Lashes fifth studio album “Lost Girls” following a three-year hiatus since “The Bride” (2016).

Exhausted by the long-awaited end of her ten-year deal with Parlophone, Brighton-born Natasha Khan left London for LA to pursue a career in film scoring. She was unsure wether she’d ever make another album.

Free from the pressures of this major label deal -her first three albums were nominated for Mercury and Brit Awards- Khan has paradoxically come up with her most accessible album to date and it’s a doozie (my favourite of her previous albums being “The Haunted Man”).

Inspired by films like The Lost Boys, Goonies, Karate Kid and more recently A Girl walks Home Alone at Night (2014), Lost Girls is of course very 80s, but also so very Bat For Lashes. It’s fresh and nostalgic. Currently my favourite tracks are “Jasmine” and “Kids in the Dark”. As ever, there’s a narrative, characters (this time vampires) and a delicious world to get wrapped up in… If you dare.

You can of course find it in your local record stores and Spotify, etc.