The Shelter: part 1

I figured it was high time I posted something story-related, but given that I’m just trying to output this year rather than worry too much about what “it” is, I’m not going to beat myself up too much. I’ve told myself I’ll have a big old break until after I’ve moved (hopefully within the next two months).

Colour palette
Shelter assets
Digital assets from my project – “The Shelter”, which is in its early stages.

I’ve been concentrating in a big way on integrating the things I love into the job I love; that being motion graphics, animation and storytelling. One of my big passion projects (and I’m allowed to work on for training purposes at work which is amazing) is “The Shelter” – something I started a couple of years back. It’s basically a highly-detailed visual created in Adobe Illustrator that takes you through an artist’s impression of one of my story’s key environments (the artist being “Jack Knife”, the titular character from the first book). Things need tweaking and some textures adding, but the groundwork is done. The plan is to develop this into a full-blown animation, in a classic 2D video game sort of way, which fits the vibe of the story and it’s electronic elements, including the popular music genre of the setting: ‘Victronica’.

The Shelter 2
More assets from “The Shelter”. These items make up the characters rooms and areas of the wider world.

I’ll update here as the project progresses.

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