Mad Max and visual storytelling

Mere days since lamenting the fact George Miller may never complete his new Mad Max trilogy with a further two films (following 2015’s epic white-knuckle chase, Fury Road) and there he is, confirming these additional franchise entries will be a reality. If things get moving, and moving fast, stoked is not the word for how I’ll be feeling. After learning this I felt inspired to do some Fury Road based artwork and stumbled upon this long ‘Graphic’conference interview at Sydney Opera House from 2015 featuring George Miller (Director), Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris who discuss the world they created in depth. Definately worth a watch, not least from a story/world-building perspective.

Is it selfish to wish for films that’ll use up a fuckton of fuel? I expect so, and I’m big on climate change, but Mad Max! It would be fantastic if the last hurrah for fossil fuels came in the guise of a bonkers movie car chase; also they arguably can’t do a feature-length one of those again given the fact it’d feel like a Fury Road rehash.

Incredible insight into Fury Road’s story, characters, art and more.
Another great example of the spell-binding CGI at play in Fury Road, sans effects. These impressive stunts apparently incurred not a single on-set injury, which is an incredible feat if you think about it.

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