The advent of Henpunk

I don’t post too often about what it is I do for a job (I design), but I’ve always wanted to kick off some passion projects and use my skills as a creative (a label that sounds kinda wanky, but I like making stuff, so there!). One such passion project is “Henpunk” – so named for the way my girls look when it rains. The purpose of the website is to share my knowledge of keeping hens, trying to be more green and my various existential crisis’ often but not exclusively concerning climate change (“Oh goodie, take my b*stard money!” I hear you cry). Also, it’s about the enjoyment animals can bring you and why there’s a lot of joy to be had from not eating them (and I’m sure they’d thank you for it if they could). I ate meat for thirty plus years before I called it a day, so I’m not in much of a position to lecture, but I plan on having easy to filter content so you can read about hens and not necessarily be bored to death by Veganism or the like. Inevitably there’ll be a bit of crossover, so if you can’t stand hens, etc, then it may not be for you!

Dumpling and Speckles - ex battery hens
Dumpling and Speckles under the bamboo. By this time they had already started excavating the garden!

But I digress. One of the main things I want to achieve with Henpunk is artsy stuff, including animations to show the intricate lives of chickens and what interesting characters they are. Just check out The British Hen Welfare Trust and the Facebook groups Ex Battery Hens and Fresh Start for Hens if you don’t believe me! You can visit my website Henpunk here.

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