These are a few of my favourite…

It’s not an easy time right now. The house isn’t selling – a lot aren’t in this climate, and we’ve found somewhere we really want to live that may well sell: here we feel trapped and surrounded by arseholes. There are also numerous big life decisions hanging in the balance, health concerns all round and quite a bit of conflict elsewhere, too. It’s been recommended before that I write a fuck off big list of all the stuff that makes me happy (that is sights, tastes, feelings, smells and sounds), so I can try to rebalance from all of the horrible crap threatening to take control. You don’t have to read this (and I’m not doing it for fortune and glory, as we’ve gathered), but it might be a nice thing to try. Output, innit? Just getting stuff out there. Here goes…

Coffee granules
Birdsong including blackbirds
Hot feeling in tummy when someone does something nice for you (yeah, so what if this is basic? Happiness should be simple)
The sea (sound, smell, look, taste – all weathers)
The trees
Fields of yellow/lime
The first pull on a pint – right now Electric Bear’s Whirly Bird springs to mind, or a pint from the good ship Brewdog
Electronic music
Neon lights
Early mornings
Early mornings in coaches with AC and foreign music playing (I’m probably on holiday)
Walks in the country
Quiet cinema ambience
London pubs with big mirrors and vast wooden bars
London pub toilets (a place to catch breath – smell dependant – and often exposing the guts of an old building)
Cut grass
Dark chocolate
Animals: exotic and not.
Discovering life everywhere, despite it all
Dawn chorus (birds)
The first morning light

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