2019 – the far future!

As usual, as much as I’d like to have had everything prepped for an arbitary date (like this post for instance), life had other plans.

2018 saw some big changes. One of the biggest was that we went and had chickens; the decision to have them spiralling us into a now Vegan territory.

I’m back up to five days after 9 months of free Fridays and I escaped a toxic, corporate hell and am now working for a small creative agency.

I jumped off a mountain (sort of) and swam with dolphins in the wild. I also did a bunch of charity work, had more thinking time, and landed some paid work on the side.

This year I want to be more social, and more social media-err-y. I want to draw, to animate. Most importantly though, after the best part of a year’s hiatus from writing I want to finally stop obsessing and just get the bloody book out there and run with it. Watch this space. Hopefully this time it’s not a 2 year long space!

If anyone’s reading this and cares and/or is a writer, give me a shout on the usual channels. Looking for writing buddies. Let’s talk. Updates soon. Promise.

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