Salmon Gainsborough Forge: Dieselpunk Sh*tkicker, #1

Finally, the first page of Salmon Gainsborough Forge: Dieselpunk Sh*tkicker. The look will most probably change, but here’s a muddled beginning. The worst is yet to come.

page 1

Salmon Forge (the very technical headachey part):-

1. Story mover.
2. Current affairs/reflective/Salmon in the future (after time-travel) / “Nazi-basher” / historical figures.
3. Caption with frames – takes on Practical Wisdom of real late, great 17th Century Jesuit Monk Baltasar Gracián (

I expect number 3 will be the most common type of strip as it will be quicker to produce. I’m also anticipating two strips a week, one on Wednesday. one on Tuesday.

RTB – Salmon Gainsborough Forge has what we call int he trade an RTB or “Real Time Beard”. This means that if he doesn’t shave in or between a story-moving strip his stubble will have advanced in the next comic. This is a cutting edge plot device and I am a genius!

To my writer friends: I will read and review your book!

As I’m looking to be a bit more network-y with writer friends (and those I’ve met through the excellent follow party – thank’s Charlotte Castle), to see what you’re all up to and also so I have some good content to show off, I’d like to propose a weekly book review.


Over a week I’ll try to read all or part (as much as possible) of your book if you are a published author (self-published, Kindle, in print, ebook, etc). I’ll be reading mostly fantasy but I’m open to other genres, too.


Once I’ve read your book I’ll try to give my honest opinion, at the moment I’m not considering a rating system. I’ll also stick a link up to your book on Amazon/wherever you’re selling it.


In return, if you could “follow” my blog (, maybe comment and/or link back to me from your own blog that would be awesome. Also, any more “LIKE”s on Facebook wouldn’t go amiss!


I’m also thinking of doing some prize giveaways, so if you have any spare copies/swag I’d be more than happy – or if you just have links/banners you want to exchange so I can put them up on my blog.


If you are interested then I look forward to reading your work!


I’m also organising a Vbulletin forum and Youtube Channel over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for those and yet more networking oppertunities!


Peace, Ed x