the Future of Sisters Noire

I’m getting likes and all the rest of it but right now I’m not really delivering on my promise of decent content (I didn’t exactly promise, but I guess it goes without saying).


Interviews were the first part but now I need to expand – with, hopefully, some of you guys who are still interested.


My Youtube channel is up but the videos aren’t (yet). Eventually I’m looking for help with these (book reviews, interviews etc) to make Sisters Noire more community-driven (perhaps even a podcast).
For now I’m gonna soldier on with little to no knowledge of video editing (I have a few friends who’ll hopefully help me out).


I am also thinking of doing a weekly round-up of Urban Fantasy and related blogs (I’m subscribed to quite a few), with my favourite blog posts. There are so many good-uns already out there I’ve found in the past few weeks, it’s important that I stamp Sisters Noire with my own unique hoof prints.


As an aside, here’s the new Muse official Olympic song “Survival”. I haven’t decided whether it’s awesome or something at the entirely opposite end of the spectrum yet.

One thought on “the Future of Sisters Noire

  1. “I’m gonna win”. Ugh. I think their last album hit something and this has gone a bit beyond. I guess it could get the blood pumping though.

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