So You Think You’re Dieselpunk? Part 2

Here’s a quick update to post a few great links. Expect a list of Steampunk and Dieselpunk films, fiction and video games soon!

All about Dieselpunk and a Dieselpunk community:

Check out “The Gatehouse” website ( for a great section on Dieselpunk, with a historyon the sub-genre and a few short articles to give you a better picture.

The term “dieselpunk” was first coined to describe a darker, dirtier side of steampunk, informed by cyberpunk sensibilities, set in a post-steampunk era with a higher industrial level of development. Like steampunk colonizes the past of Victorian-Edwardian Scientific Romances and Voyages Extraordinaires with the present, dieselpunk transports modern-day technologies and attitudes into the era of mid-century pulp fiction—pulp refering to the inexpensive fiction magazines widely published from the 1920s through the 1950s, typically remembered for their sensational and exploitative stories and thrilling cover art.

Like steampunk exists within the framework of speculative fiction, dieselpunk resides under the banner of Pulp, specifically characterized by the rise of petroleum power and technocratic perception, incorporating neo-noir elements and sharing themes with Adventure Pulp.

Finally here’s a Facebook page to keep you updated on things Dieselpunk.


The Path of the Virus Twelve Monkeys Tour

If (and this is a big if) you had the chance to go on holiday (lucky you), where would you go? I was thinking on some alternate trip I could take, some roughly pre-determined route. Then I happened on a late night showing of Twelve Monkeys after a spot of reading and re-reading a short passage on Koala bears in a magazine I’d picked up. Had the vibrancy of the subject matter and the writing snagged me or was I simply in a very pro-Koala mood? You decide. If you like. Anyway, I was struck by the path of the virus in Twelve Monkeys, where it would hit, each place in turn. Is it possible to do this trip? Could I be the first on the Twelve Monkeys tour? Probably not. I’m probably not the first person to visit these places, but in this order? And to represent something so morbid and disgusting? (the virus was to wipe out seven billion people in 1997). So here we go, here’s the route with some ideas for where I can visit at each place and what I can do:

Philadelphia (U.S.A.) – See Tom Hanks?
San Francisco (U.S.A.) – The Golden Gate Bridge, trams, watch Bullitt, go to and rewatch The Rock
New Orleans (Deep South, U.S.A.) – Blues, Rock N Roll, whiskey
Rio De Janeiro (South America) – Christ the Redeemer(?)
Rome, Italy (Europe) – Coliseum, get run over, the Pope, Vatican, pizza for dinner
Kinshasa, Congo (Africa) – Rumble in the jungle, follow the footsteps of Mailer and Thompson
Karachi, Pakistan (Asia) – Must research
Bangkok (Asia) – Well Phuk-et, I’ve no idea, see above
Peaking (China, Asia) – See above

– and back in time for tea.