End of play, ETA, all these words I hate to say.

The problem with work is that as with most, I don’t want to be doing it but it takes up most of my life. That and sleeping, which seems sort of pointless because dreams are often nightmares but more importantly make absolutely no sense. Why did she become an entirely different he? Where on earth did that come from? For instance.
Whenever I get home it is just an exercise in the uneasy (often queasy) wasting of time. No focus, no idea how to use it constructively. Worrying and wishing for something better, but seeing nothing bright on the horizon.

I read up on whale sharks today. Not quite as bad as all that and I think the odds are stacked against me getting eaten by one.

Welcome to Sisters Noir

All righty then, here we are. When I said “trials and tribulations,” in my last post I’d left it all suitably vague. Slowly though, this place is shaping up. So, what exactly is this place?

Sisters Noir is a space on the net to represent my stories and hopefully a growing community. The world of Sisters Noir blends modern (us, now!), with old (Victorian/steampunk) and snippets from several genres including modern fantasy and noir (film noir, hard-boiled coppers and voluptuous Femme Fatales).

Be sure to check out the guest contributors – Amelia and Laurence writing about their lives – soon I’m told they’ll reveal more of their interests I think you’ll find interesting too. They’re very into “the cause” (see above paragraph) too. Also be sure to check out the Last FM, Facebook and Twitter profiles on their pages. Add, follow and like away!

Expect the Scribbles section to appear very soon, all of the images are scanned and ready, they just need yours truly to create an adequate gallery template to house them. Bah. Anyway, enjoy your Easter and check back soon!

Expecting to Fly

So I did the whole “being sociable” thing with Bev et al. Not half bad. Not half tipsy! I spent a fair portion of the next day  (luckily my day off),  sleeping. What a night though. Made me think about what I’ve been missing and I almost pulled – four times! Still got it, sorry boys! Also I seem to know more than that lot when it comes to modern celeb culture (for better or worse). Will need to cut down my trashy magazine intake :-).

That said…

A magazine posed an interesting question today, if I could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be? OK, so not the most original question in the world, but I’m not much fussed if it gets me thinking. The obvious candidates ran through my mind – Monroe, Presley, Sellers. Beverley interrupted and then I forgot all about it. Later, in a moment of white wine clarity I decided that in this world of (real and imagined) resurrections maybe the really good people are those you can’t bring back. Those who fought for a future they would never see and died believing in it.

Well dear readership, sorry if I brought you down (!!), but here’s a little something for someone special because I know you’d like it. Lost but not forgotten. Hey, maybe you are out there somewhere still. Being free, keeping it real. I hope so.

For Vika…

Stay beautiful.

Love, Amelia




You may want to just listen to the beautiful music and not actually watch it or you’ll likely go blind. I’m of the opinion you make your own head-videos to accompany great music anyway. This song makes me think of vast open spaces, sun-kissed marble and doves. What does it  conjure for you?