On writing: “write what you know”

For as long as I can before I run out of advice I’ll be posting these little snippets for budding writers. They involve information I’ve heard or read or worked out during the writing process and hopefully someone will find them useful. I’ll also provide a musical accompaniment to each, for no good reason other than that I like music, but I’ll try to tie the song title/lyrics in somehow.


On writing – “write what you know”


I don’t. Well, I do. Sort of. Sometimes. I write fantasy but my characters have their little idiosyncrasies, get their hearts broken and many plot details are taken from the big scary thing lurking just outside your window. Every book starts with what you know, what you like and don’t like, your beliefs and where you live(d). And, unfortunately, a blank sheet of paper.


There’s a lot of rocky ground in writing, too…

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